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Jerónimo Albornoz, multidisciplinary artist born in Quito - Ecuador in 1987. Graduated as a film director at Universidad del Cine de Buenos Aires - Argentina in 2011. Since then has worked in advertising. In 2015, founded his own production company JUGO co. working as executive producer and general director. He has also made several videoclips, receiving worldwide recognitions. In 2019 Jerónimo decided to focus on his artistic creation. In this field, his development starts around analog and digital photography, creating his own pieces and under commission for music bands and fashion designers.


Currently exploring different means of expression such as painting and sculptural installations. 


PHOTO ​ - [2021] Photo campaign for UN Women - Awareness against domestic violence, Quito, Ecuador. ​ - [2021] Photo campaign for Fundación Azulado - Awareness against pedophilia on the Internet, Quito, Ecuador. ​ - [2021] Photo-art and image design for JUGO co, Quito, Ecuador. ​ - [2021] Photo-art for Curandeira, Quito, Ecuador. ​ - [2020] Photo-art for Latorre, Quito, Ecuador. ​ - [2019] Photo-art for Miel, Quito, Ecuador. ​ - [2019] Collaboration with fashion designer Lía Padilla and her collection "Sangre", Quito, Ecuador. ​ - [2019] Collaboration with fashion brand Kuno, Quito, Ecuador. ​ - [2018] Photo-art for Pregnantz, Quito, Ecuador. ​ - [2018] Photo-art for Siego&Lovdt, Quito, Ecuador.

VIDEO - [2019] Official music video for the song "Puerta de sal" by singer Mateo Kingman, finalist at Ciclope 2019 festival, Berlin, Germany (Clip entirely filmed in 16mm). - [2018] Music video for the song "Arde" by  Siego&Lovdt selected in the "top 5 of the year" by Playclip, Quito, Ecuador. - [2016] Official music video for the song "Children of the sun" by Dead Can Dance that won the first prize in a worldwide contest organized by, Worldwide. - [2011-present] Production and direction of several television commercials and digital content for advertising for different Ecuadorian and international brands such as Directv, Mastercard, Suncare, CNT, Pony Malta, Chevrolet, Banco Pichincha, among others.

EXHIBITIONS & PRESS ​ - [2022] Solo Exhibition at +Arte gallery in April 2022, Quito, Ecuador. url: - [2022] Article published at Arte al día, Latam. url: ​ - [2021] Artist profile published in LF Magazine, Barcelona, Spain. url: - [2021] Selected for portfolio review at Revela't Festival, Barcelona, Spain. - [2021] Photos published in Photovogue, Worldwide. url: - [2016] Photos from Dead Can Dance videoclip published in Numéro Mag, France.

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